Every mind has a potent energy hidden in it. This energy is indeed, a powerful energy. It has the ability to convert the mind with a hard-core attitude to a soft and sublime one. One can see the divine light. It can give a delightful experience of the body blossoming with fragrance and a distinct halo surrounding it. Such a person who experiences this is said to be in touch with divinity. He is the person who can make others experience the divinity. He is righteous and truthful throughout his life and experiences true happiness.

Where is this super energy in the mind situated? Who identifies it? Who spots it in us? How can we be made to feel and experience this divinity? Who helps us achieve this? Is he human? Is he divine? Is he God? The answer is simple. It is the teacher or the Sadguru who can spot this divine energy in each one of us and help us channelise this energy into making us blossom and bloom into flowers that will never fade.

A Sadguru is sent by the Almighty. He is born from time to time. He is a divine creation. His duty is to nurture and look after the people who need help. He upholds Dharma, Truthfulness and Righteousness. He guides the people in the right path. He helps them realise and see the Almighty. He guides them through the process of meditation and penance to achieve their goal of experiencing divinity. He helps in removing the restlessness in people's mind and helps them live their life to attain everlasting bliss.

He is quick in identifying a true and sincere disciple and guides him through the selected path to attain the state of tranquility, thereby leading to the experience and feel of God. No one other than the Sadguru can take up this stupendous task. It is a difficult task and he decides upon different paths for different people who are his disciples. He does not propagate or makes one practice a theoretical or mathematical formula to attain the ultimate. Instead, his is a meticulous approach framed after careful understanding of the disciple and his abilities. He keeps observing, following and blessing his disciple with abundant love throughout his life span, protecting him and making him achieve his main objective. He is selfless beyond comprehension.
> Sri Duttathreya, Sri Pathanjali, Sri Adi Sankar, Sri Ramanujacharya, Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Ramalinga Swamigal, the four great Nayanmars or great seers of Lord Shiva, the famous Vaishnavite saints who worshipped and sang in praise of Lord Vishnu, were all born into this world during different eras and difficult times, to help, teach and guide the world on the correct path of truth. One such sadguru is Sri Siddhar Swamigal of the Ongara Ashram.

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