Mataji siddhar sparkled the "Shadaadhara Shakthi" in her through "Sparsa Deeksha". Maataji was endowed with Gnana deeksha from Maha siddhar just 5 days after Her marriage!!

Then onwards commenced Her Life with multivarious facets of "Saguna and Nirguna Upaasana" and Bliss in "Atma Dharshan", "Shivayogaa Anubhavaa" and all Pervading cosmos. She preached and Practised Vettaveli Yoga, which synthesizes all yogas.Mataji advocated one element of sadhanaa as critical Prerequisite namely, internal and external Cleanliness.

Maataji was in Sahaja Samaadhi for around 35 years executing all duties and responsibilities as a Karma yogi but with the mind engrossed in Atma and Shiv yoga backed up by Kundalini yoga.

It requires specific mention that Her OJAS Shakthi raised HER Kundalini to Domains of Sahasraaraa and never returned to Mooladhaaraa! This elevated Her to a state of Eternal Chidakaasaa, the Everlasting Anandaa .She found herself deeply lost in intuitive and meditative disposition, with no Fear, no Attachment and no concerns about Materialistic life.

Maataji's Satabhishekam accompanied by Homas and special Poojas was attended by Many a holy men and Siddhars and ardent Disciples.

A Beautiful temple has been constructed at Pudupattinam for Mataji Siddhar. There is also an elegant cremation shelter that has come up at the place of her cremation. This place has auspicious vibrations.

A Life Story of Her's titled "Indha Nootrandin Irudhi Siddhar" (Last Saint of the 20th Century) has been brought out in Tamil. This depicts her spiritual life and stands out as a garland of divine fragrance.

An Organisation in her name has been doing good work for the welfare of women and she is communicating her blessings to one and all from kumbakonam, Mayavaram and Pondicherry. She has traveled widely in India and has covered several at least twice.

The five elements are under her control and Continue to be so. They bow to Mataji Siddhar. Those who have faith in and reverence for Mataji Siddhar will be greatly benefited and all things auspicious and blissful will automatically come to them. This is an Absolute truth. Let us bow down in reverence before Mataji Siddhar.

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