Pujiya Sri Mataji Siddhar Was known earlier as Rajammal. She was born over 90 years ago at a place near Kumbakonam. She was instrumental in building an Anna chatram even in her ninth year. Her whole life was spent in chanting the Panchaksharam.

Her husband was also a Maha Siddhar and the couple had Two children. Like the proverbial Madasalai, she dedicated both of them in the service of spirituality by making them Sanyasis. One of them is the most revered Swami Ongarananda. Mataji rose to heights of glory as a pathivrata through Pathi yogam. This bestowed on her the sublimal state of Sivapathi. During her lifetime, she had fed lakhs of people and initiated over 900 people to practical spiritual training. She was a great Siddhar with keen foresight and acumen. Her parents named her Rajam. Her Diksha name was Rajanarayanananda Swamigal. The public devotees called her Mataji Siddhar and the recipients of blessings were Vibuthi Prasadam from her. She was a fearless and undaunted person of great will and nobody dared to take her for a ride. Her 90 years of life in this world was devoted to the upbringing of her children with all the spiritual power she possessed. Her contribution to the spiritual world was considerable
She had the foresight to make all preparations for leaving her mortal coil even six months before the actual event. She had determined the exact time, natchatram and auspicious moment and had been enquiring about the time, day and star of every day. Just before the final journey, she had started blessing everyone 15 days before her departure. She was very meticulous and never showed fear of favour towards everyone. Her one objective was to guide people to live a wholesome life and continued to do this noble task for 90 years.

Mataji Siddhar attained siddhi on 25.11.1998, Vegudhaanya year, Karthigai month, 9th, Wednesday at 10.30 am.
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