It is almost impossible to just document all the Teachings Maataji had graced during her sojourn on earth. However attempt is made to give below some sparks from Maataji:

The Erudite advice, Maataji gave to Her son, Swami Ongarananda , required for Success to realize Divinity is as follows:
First Guru : Father
Second Guru : Mother
Third Guru : Vettaveli [COSMOS] and
Fourth Guru : Self

Move with and Be Moving with Elders. Ignore their Physical Body and Cells. Do not ignore the Fact that they radiate vibrant energy due to their years Old Praana Shakthi, the Driving force which will correct Deficiency and defect in your Praanan.

Application of Vibhuthi on forehead and body endows one with alignment with Godliness and removes Obstacles and leads to path of Self Realisation ie Santhoshaa.

Success in Realisation of self comes out of Observing Mouna [silence] coupled with Gnana, which is possible out of satguru's Grace. This activates Naadha, prevalent in you and Leads to 'Suddha Oli' the Koti Soorya Prakaasa.

Respect necessarily Parents; do all necessary Obsequies to them after their departure from mortal body.

Spare no efforts to attain Atma darshan in young age, say 25 years, which leads to Eternal bliss.

Follow doctrine of total Surrender to a Satguru, who will show you the Light of Life.

Rely not totally on Wealth and Humans around you; Also, the "I" Ego will insulate you from Satguru, Divinity and Dharma and Punyaa in your Credit will get wiped out.

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