Early Life
Sri La Sri Ongarananda Swami was born on 19th January 1937 at 8.30 a.m. He was born at Parangipettai, in the district of South Arcot. He was christened Jayanarayana Kannan by his parents. His elder sister was Mani who also took up the ascetic path at a young age. Swamiji was educated in a convent till the third standard. He later completed his schooling from Koorainadu Nagara Sabhai High School. He graduated in B.A. Economics from A.V.C. College, Mannam Pandhal. Subsequently he obtained his Bachelor of Education degree from Annamalai University. He is also an expert in numerology and astrology.

He learnt astrology under his guru and also from Mr. Ramaswamy Mudaliar. He is well versed in various Shastras like Yogam, Vedantham, Siddhantham, Para Gnana Thatvam etc. He has mastered the gnana yoga and the doctrines of the 18 powerful seers of Tamilnadu. These seers are also known as Siddhars. This mastery of the gnana yoga and the doctrines go well beyond 15 years.

He is a staunch devotee of Shree Rajarajeswari. He received his first gnana-deeksha at the tender age of 7 by Sri La Sri Siddhar Swamigal who is his guru. He was initiated into following austere measures and penance at a graveyard on the banks of the river Cauvery. He perfected Dhyanam and all forms of meditation at the graveyard. He also learnt various tantras and mantras from his guru. Swami Ongarananda was initiated to the Pranava Mantra 'OM' at the tender age of 7. He had the great fortune of being initiated by Sri La Sri Siddhar Swamigal.

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