Open Space Meditaion

The "Meditation on open space" is not a present day discovery. In fact, it is not a discovery at all because space alone is every where and everything that is, is space in itself. Man walks, sleeps and carries out all transactions in open space alone. When man is happy, when he is in contemplation, when is completely satisfied, when he feels full and complete, in all these conditions, every human being looks up at open space. Every man looks up at the sky, as soon as he gets up in the morning. He looks up at the sky when he comes out of the house, standing on the last step of his house. One who is an Atmajnani, one who breaths deeply, one who is purified by the intake of oxygen, one who inhales more of oxygen, one who is not bothered by worldly happiness, one is who is compassionate to all the things and living beings - everyone alike looks up at the sky, frequently. The atma in each one of them prompts him to do such a thing.

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