Golden Jubilee - Ongara Ashram 2010  
Ongara Ashram 2010 - Golden Jubilee!!!-05/15/2010
Ongara Ashram will be conducting a 40 day 24 hour Continuous without a break ,Akanda Meditation, Siva Panchaskshara Japam , Guru Namavalli recital and Bhajans across various Ashram centers in the world to comómerate its 50th year since Ongara Ashram started and to create a revolutionary cosmic vibration and Consciousness that reverberates the whole world and brings in happiness and peace.
Ongara Ashram has strived to make sure in every activity and function that Ashram has conducted and performed and will perform in years to come the following
1.Every Human being leads a complete (Poornam) life filled with Santhosham(Happiness)
2.People lead a life of Truth , Justice and Fairness.
3.People develop Jeeva Kaarunniyam - eternal love for all living creatures in this world.
4.Peace in the world Prevails.
Ongara Ashram is looking for key volunteers who would like to participate in this new spiritual movement.People interested can contact Ongara ashram Head office in chennai,India.
Please contribute your might to this Spiritual revolutionary event and be part of the Great Divine cause (Maha Kaaranam).
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