Vettaveli Dhyanam at Ongara Ashram Bangalore
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Vettaveli Dhyanam at Ongara Ashram Bangalore-04/20/2008
Open Space Meditation" ïs an ancient form of meditation practiced by siddapurashas(Realised souls). It has been revived in modern times by Poojyashri Swamy Ongarananda, Spiritual Head of Ongara Ashram. The seeker harnesses the cosmic energy in the Open Space in order to cleance the mortal sheath of all impurities and create a channel for the Divine grace to pervade the body.A nectar filled breeze wafts through the atmosphere every day early morning.. It is highly beneficial for spiritual Aspirants. The simple basic tenets of Open Space Meditation are explained by Swamiji on the auspicious occasion of Chitra Pournami day for the past 37 years. This year,Open Space Meditation was inagurated at Ongara Ashram Branch in J.P.Nagar,Bangalore in Swamiji's blessed presence. The Universal Prayer was sung by the women's wing of Ongara Ashram. The gathering chanted "Omkhara" 27 times, setting the tone of the meditation. Adherence to the priciples of Truth,Righteousness and Justice is paramount to Spiritual progress and to experience the divine bliss. He said , Sri.Kumar Raghavan,President of Ongara Ashram-Karnataka, and nine other Office-bearers spoke on the occasion. Earlier, Sri K.Vijay Raghavan welcomed the gathering. Om Koteswarananda Pubic Relation Officer of Ongara Ashrajm delivered the Vote of thanks.
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