India has long been a Spiritual Land steeped in the hoary tradition of Maharishis and Siddhapurushas, who incarnated here and bestowed their grace on all of Humanity. Of the sacred places in India, Pondicherry has held the distinction of being regarded as Gnana Bhoomi'. This region is also referred as Vedapuri' in ancient spiritual texts. Gnana Bhoomi' is Swamy Ongarananda's first spiritual work. In this book, Swamiji reveals that over the past 500 years, more than 30 saints lived and showered their grace on the people of Pondicherry. This book is a biography of 32 saints written after lot of in-depth research in the various ancient documents, carvings and monuments that stood the test of time. Highly realized souls such as Kazhuveli Siddhar, Devaraj Swamigal, Kullasami, Sri Aurobindo and the Divine Mother have lived here.
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