Siddhi Day

Siddhar Swamigal constantly worked to keep his body and mind pure. He used to tell his disciples that before one set out to seek the Almighty, one had to purify oneself.

He knew that the day he had to leave this world had arrived. He predicted the day in advance. He planned the proceedings meticulously. He was then preparing himself to receive that day with love and respect. Siddhar Swamigal would tell his disciples often, "LOVE DEATH". It is a beautiful thing. It is part of the divine plan." A few days prior to the auspicious day, he instructed his followers and devotees to follow what he said.

On 31.08.1964, the auspicious, eventful day, all his devotees and followers arrived at his place at 03.30 hrs itself. They chanted the SHIVA PURANA (The holy hymn about Lord Shiva) fifteen times. Panchakshara mantra (the name of Lord Shiva) was being continuously chanted there. The atmosphere was divine and charged. Two kuthuvilakkus (a metallic lamp lighted with the help of oil and wick) were burning in Swamigal's room continuously for the past three days. An earthen lamp was also burning continuously during that period. In all, eleven lamps were lit.

It was 06.10 hrs. Siddhar Swamigal pointed to a plate and signaled his close associate, Shri Panchamrudha Swamigal to pour plenty of holy ash in it. Shri Nagappa Swamigal then placed a piece of camphor in the middle of the pile of holy ash. Shri Ramamrudha Swamigal then lit the camphor. He told his associates to ensure that the camphor was kept burning continuously. He directed the fire towards the sky and there was absolute silence and stillness all around the place till 06.45 hrs. Subsequently, all his devotees and associates maintained silence till 07.15 hrs, under prior instructions from Siddhar Swamigal. Swamigal then through sign language instructed his disciples to leave all doors and windows open wide. At 07.20 hrs, Siddhananda Swamigal got up and prayed to Siddhar Swamigal. There was eleven lamps burning in all in that room. Despite the doors and windows being left open there was absolute stillness in the flame. There was not the slightest flicker. There was absolutely no movement in the room. Siddhar Swamigal blessed each and every one of his disciples individually. He then raised both his hands above his head, heaven wards and prayed to the Almighty. Then he crossed his arms over the chest and closed his eyes. Exactly at 07.28 hrs his soul departed from this world. Instantaneously one of the eleven lamps got extinguished suddenly. Siddhar Swamigal's body maintained its warmth and there was a glow in the face.

As per his wishes, after performing the sacred bath, he was taken to the RUDRA BHOOMI or the graveyard. His entire body other than his face was covered with sandal wood logs. His prime disciple, Sri La Sri Ongarananda Swamigal went and kissed his guru on the face. As Sri La Sri Ongarananda Swamigal always recollects that it was an experience of his lifetime. He could feel the transfer of a vibrant energy into his body and he knew that he had to continue from where his guru had left off. He knows that he is being guided, adviced and monitored by his Guru who is always beside him even to this day.

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