Siddhar Swamigal possessed superhuman powers which be never exhibited unless otherwise it was essential. He also never used it for his personal gains or fame.

He was an authority on :
Mouna Viddhai
(The power of Silence. A state of highest attainment with very high potent power.) The power of silence produces stillness. This is a motionless state of the mind and body. The motionless body allows the mind to concentrate. External disturbances fail to affect the concentration. The mind slowly gets into the state of "MAHAMOUNAM" where it becomes motionless and even the inner thoughts never disturb the mind. It is at this stage, that the divine sound of the Ongara from within merges with the AADHI ANDHAM i.e. the manifestation of the Ongara in the vast, open space. Thus the person experiences BRAHMANANDAM or the eternal happiness. From this stage a person can never had unhappy as he is constantly in a state of happiness. Siddhar Swamigal mastered this yoga.
Brahma Viddhai
(The power attained through the development of highest mental state.) The infinite is BRAHMA. It is vast, without a boundary and limitless. To understand this magnificent state, one has to concentrate. Yogis and saints spent years together in forests and mountains to attain this level of concentration. BRAHMAM is a delightful experience named by the yogis as ecstasy... a stage of everlasting happiness.
Parakaaya Viddhai
(The power to work with the subtle body.) Even though the body is mortal, it has a subtle body in it known as the SUKHUMA DEGAM. It has the ability to come out of the mortal body and transfer itself into various shapes and forms. It can travel infinite distances into the vast open space. Siddhar Swamigal mastered this yoga and could understand what was happening in far off places and help any body in need.
Kaaya Viddhai
(The power to work with the mortal body and to generate superhuman deeds.) Our mortal body has 96 systems that are working within it. They form a part of the working body system. However, either genetically from birth or over a period of time, these 96 systems do not work properly. They become defunct. In fact, as age progresses, for a normal person only 15 of the 96 body systems work effectively. By practicing and controlling these body systems, one can make all the 96 body systems function effectively at all times. Such a person then develops superhuman powers. Siddhar Swamigal was in full command of all the 96 systems within his body.
Vaasi Viddhai
(The control of Pranan or breathing and generate spiritual power thereof.) Our mind and body are together controlled by the PRANA or air, which is inhaled and exhaled. A mastery and control of this prana gives supernatural powers to a person. A person with such a control can have a darshan of his Atma or soul. He can control his fate as well as the fate of others. He can also change the direction of an oncoming violent cyclone. Such a person can control the universe at large. Siddhar Swamigal had mastered pranayama or the Vaasi Viddhai. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Anjaneya (Lord Anjaneya is a devotee of Lord Rama who is an incarnation of Mahavishnu) who possessed super human powers. Siddhar Swamigal worked very hard and attained the divine powers from Lord Anjaneya. He performed miracles to help some of his devotees in distress.

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