• To cleanse the aspirant or sadhaka's body, mind and soul and help him or her through spiritual practices to attain the divine level and ultimately merge in space.
  • To teach him or her cleanliness, fullness and merging of the individual soul into the Supreme soul.
  • To change the whole world spiritually by improving the life of every individual.
  • To help Sanyasis, Sadhus and spiritually awakened persons to do intense meditation and penance, thereby filling the surrounding space with a unique spiritual power. This will automatically result in the rise of divine forces, qualities and activities and the fall of evil forces. Once this is achieved, this very earth will become a haven of love and lasting happiness
  • Teach people to practice devotion to mother, father, guru and God.
  • Educate people to eschew violence and practice ahimsa and love to all beings. Propagate the vital principles of Truth, Righteousness and Justice among mankind. Devise ways and means of filling the cup of life with shanti (peace) and shukam (happiness).

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