Srinivasanallur Adhistanam VaasaKaal Ceremony
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Srinivasanallur Adhistanam VaasaKaal Ceremony-09/15/2011
Srinivasanallur Adhistanam VaasaKaal Ceremony Parabrahma Sadguru Sri Siddhar Swamigal Adhistanam is being constructed at hs birth place- Srinivasanallur.The Vaasa Kaal ceremony was celeberated in the presence of His Holiness Swami Ongaranandha.The Granite stone was installed on the entrance of the Raja Gopuram and all the Granite statues - Sahasra Lingam , Atmanadhar , Ratna Sabhapathi , VIshu Durga , Mataji SIddhar were transported from Mahabhalipuram to Srinivasanallur.
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