ParamaGuru Siddhar Swamigal Statue -Srinivasanallu
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ParamaGuru Siddhar Swamigal Statue -Srinivasanallu-08/25/2008
With the blessings of Paramaguru , A beauitful Statue of Paramaguru Sri Siddhar Swamigal was opened at Srinivasanallur-Birthplace of Paramaguru to celeberate his birth place and as a token of love from all disciples of Ongara ashram.This statue is a very significant thirtha Sthallam for Ongara Ashram after the Srinivasanallur arch.

Function was presided by Sadguru Swami Ongaranandha- the prime disciple of Sri Siddhar Swamigal and Head of Ongara ashram in the presence of other revered saints,disciples and residents of Srinivasanallur.

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