Open space meditation by school students-11/01/2007
About 3200 students from 13 schools in North Chennai converged on Rajasthan Association grounds off Wall Tax Road, Chennai praying for world peace and happiness. The event, organized by Ongara Ashram, Chennai 80 marked the 70th birth anniversary of its head Swamy Omkarananda, who is busy reviving the age-old open space meditation technique worldwide with his tours, speeches and writings. The students in unison chanted OM and plunged into the session under Swamiji's able guidance. He painstakingly explained the physical ailments associated with our back, chest and head that are closely associated with mooladhara, anahata and ajna yogic centers or charkas of our body and the meditative means to get rid of physical, mental and intellectual pains in the midst of pulls and pressures of the modern competitive day. The trick is to liberally use the spiritual power abundantly available in the open space to our advantage. This can be done by discipline mental and physical, right postures, clean thoughts, an attitude of renunciation to trivia in mundane life etc.

H H Swami Bodhamayananda of Sri Ramakrishna Mission Ashram who urged the children to take tips for successful living from the life of Swami Vivekananda also addressed the session. Sri R Anandan, Principal, Sri Muthukumara Swamy College, indicated in his speech that we are using only 5% of the energy resource available with us and meditation was a means to dig more and more into us. Sri N R Dave, President, Hindu Theological Higher Secondary School, Dr S S K Marthandam, Vice-Chancellor, SRMC and Research Institute and Dr C P Reddy, Senior Scientist, IGCAR also addressed the gathering.

Swami Omkarananda has given many useful tips in his Tamil book Vetta veli dhyanam' for the benefit of those who want to know more about open space meditation. An English rendition of the book is also available for sale

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