This book delineates the basic and essential tenets of ethical codes of spirituality, expounded by H.H. Swamy Ongarananda. It is a Genuine guide to the seeker of transcendental knowledge and wisdom. It contains more than a thousand answers to a thousand questions in spirituality. During sadhana, the seeker's mind is often disturbed by innumerable doubts; a result of his own karmic tendencies and the fickle nature of the transient world. Swamiji's answers to a wide range of such queries from sadhakas have been compiled in this treasure house of spirituality. The inimitable and down to earth responses not only achieve the immediate goal of clearing the sadhaka's doubts, but also endow him with renewed vigour in the pursuit of Self-Realization. Swamiji says that by observing detachment, quietude and renunciation of the mind, adhering to satya, dharma and nyaya and most importantly, surrendering oneself totally to the Guru, One can overcome the delusion of mind or maya'.
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