Swamiji was already acquainted with the Tantrics and Mantras and did research in spirits and souls. He used to frequent the graveyard and spend long hours therein. One day, he was at the graveyard at about 4 in the evening. A visit to the grave yard never left him disinterested. On the other hand, it was an interesting interlude for him, even though the activities that look place therein was the continuous burning of the dead bodies or the entry of another dead one. But the jeevans which were housed in each body were indeed different from the other.

Swamiji had witnessed the bodies of people who had lived their full life span being lit at the pyre. He had also seen the bodies of persons being lit at the pyre that had not lived its full life span. So also had he witnessed the burning of bodies which were snatched away by death just as they were ready to experience and enjoy everything good and the pleasures of his world. Many a body of an idiot or a fool was also burnt at the grave yard. He had seen the bodies of people who had destroyed other bodies for their own pleasure now being burnt.

He had also witnessed the burning of bodies that had seen much love and compassion. The bodies of truthful and righteous persons being burnt at the pyre was also seen. He also had seen the bodies of the greedy and power hungry men now being burnt to ashes. Thus, Swamiji had witnessed 1000's various types of bodies being burnt over a period of 23 years. Among these were also the bodies of those who had blessed him, loved him and given him their blessing and knowledge.

This experience of the relation between Agni, the God of fire and the human body was a fascinating aspect for him. He felt that Agni was his teacher, and he thoroughly enjoyed he mysteries that he had witnessed at the grave yard. This experience taught him lessons that gave him a deep insight into knowing and understanding the difference between what is truth and what is real. He further elaborates to say that when the body of agnani is lit at the pyre, the air around in the grave yard becomes prosperous. A man practicing dhyanam in close proximity to such an area attains siddhi or attainment. Furthermore, when the body of such a saint or gnani is lit, the ailments of the people surrounding the burning pyre are removed. Astonishingly the fire emanates the sweet smell of the parijath flower when it is lit. One can also witness the eternal form of the gnani or guru even as the pyre is burning, as did Swamiji who saw the eternal form of his gurunathar when the pyre was lit and the body was burning. On the otherhand, the body of a sinner is totally burnt to ashes.

Swamiji gives an interesting analysis of death being the protector of life.Death looks after the human body like a God, till the last day. It is the closest friend of the Jeevan.

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