We are on the threshhold of the year 2000 AD. It has almost arrived and hastening towards 3000 AD. This is the general talk of the public all along. The condition of the lives of the creations is improving in quality tremendously. This is absolutely true not only in happiness but also in sorrow and misery. We see Dharma triumphs and rises human values. Similarly Adharma also rises its head to mar our cherished values. As we observe the rise of Holy, Wise and good humans, there is also a proliferation of wicked and villainous men with modern gadgets of destruction. There is intensive, research and scientific observations of all the planets and galaxies in the universe and new knowledge and interpretation are enriching our knowledge. There is no doubt about this. Microscopic and Macrocosmic research have yielded spectacular results.

What are our duties? .

Man's duties can be classified as follows 1. Spiritual - Self-realization and dharmic. 2. Purely religious. 3. Political. 4. Social welfare 5. Adharmic (unrighteousness)

SPIRITUAL Those who belong to the first category will rise in stature, understand spiritual truth and realize the ultimate goal and rest in Satchitananda. None dare approach them and contaminate them. Those who seek their help will be greatly benefited spiritually. .

PURELY RELIGIOUS They generally do not have a deep knowledge about real spirituality. They have fanatical notions about their religion and try to create disharmony and hatred among followers of other faiths and precipitate confusion and violence. This affects society. Therefore it becomes incumbent on all religious heads to put their heads together and chalk out a code of conduct, which will promote tolerance, harmony and peace among all. It is desirable to have an intereligious organization to tackle these pressing problems. The respective religious heads have to control their flock and take them along the true religious path indicated in their faith. It will go a long way to maintain peace and tranquility.

POLITICAL A democratic system of governance is always superior to other systems. This alone can benefit a country. Experts and wise men think otherwise and doubt whether this system has benefited the country in the present day of politics? The situation is grave and oppressive. They throw the blame on religion and get away with it. Bharat is a spiritual land and unless the politicians, religious leaders and the general public who have the interest of the country in the hearts, make up their mind to go along a true spiritual path, it will be difficult to live in peace and harmony. Now-a-days people have confused ideas about religion and spirituality. True spirituality does not belong to any particular religion.

SOCIAL WELFARE Society comprises of political, spiritual, dharmic and adharmic people. In the ancient days highly cultured people were in abundance and it is not so now. Man's good conduct and character were held supreme. Society imbibed these values. Modern man feels that individual ethics and code of conduct and character is not a prerequisite. He thinks that it is not necessary to adhere to the old values and follows his nefarious path. His temporary success blinds him. Even the housewife is questioning why her husband should not adopt corrupt practices for achieving an object.

ADHARMA Adharma is considered as Dharma. Desire and wants have increased. There is no contentment. The result is evil ways, dacoity, murder and violence. Society is shattered. There must be unity in diversity,control of mind, speech and self control is must. Society has to be made harmonious and peaceful. The mind should shun materialism and seek cosmic intelligence and guidance. To control the mind one has to cleanse his sense of perception, harness the subconscious and conscious state and pass on to super conscious state by right conduct and practice.

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